About Boosted Performance

Boosted Performance manufactures high-quality performance parts for trucks and commonly modified "tuner" vehicles. We design and manufacture performance intake systems, downpipe and exhaust components, intercoolers, piping kits, and various other common bolt-on performance mods.

The History of Boosted Performance

The story of Boosted Performance dates back to 2017 when a few automotive enthusiasts got together to share their performance knowledge with the world through blogging. With a lack of information on the internet, performance enthusiasts have been forced to dig through dozens of forum threads only to be told "you won't see any gains from an intake and it's just gonna draw in hot air and dirt" or "use the search function". With a big gap in quality performance-related information we, the founders of Boosted Performance, sought to close that informational gap by providing high-quality and insightful information around performance modifications and the best brands on the market.

Through our experience in the performance enthusiast market we have found a big discrepancy between quality, performance, and price offered by performance brands. The market in-between cheap eBay products and top quality but very expensive products is thin.

Boosted Performance was created to bring enthusiasts performance products that provide the best combination of price, performance, and quality.

We Only Sell the Best Parts

Our core focus is on performance. Our parts are designed and engineered to maximize performance over all else. We use the best quality materials, filters, and metals in all of our products to ensure that we maximize performance reliably.

We don't manufacture everything, so we also resell a number of products. However, unlike most resellers who offer every product under the sun, we only offer the brands and parts that are truly the best for each vehicle. 

7.3 Powerstroke Boosted Performance Intake

Duramax LML Performance Intake