PowerStroke SCT X4 Tuner vs SCT Livewire TS+

Ford PowerStroke SCT X4 vs Livewire TS+

The SCT X4 and SCT Livewire TS+ are two of the most popular Ford PowerStroke diesel tuners. Both the X4 and Livewire TS+ offer a great value when it comes to tuning the 7.3L, 6.0L, 6.4L, and 6.7L PowerStroke's. They also both offer similar features and benefits. However, the Livewire TS+ offers a larger screen with touch capability which makes the TS+ ideal for monitoring and datalogging. Is the SCT Livewire TS+ worth the additional money, though? In this article, we compare the Ford PowerStroke SCT X4 vs Livewire TS+ tuners.

SCT X4 and Livewire TS+ Differences

PowerStroke SCT X4 tuners are simple handheld devices while the Livewire TS+ includes a mounting system for a heads-up display of the gauges. Ultimately, that's the biggest difference between these two tuners. The cheaper SCT X4 delivers the same preloaded tunes, power gains, data-logging, user-adjustable options, etc. SCT Livewire TS+ tuners simply offer a larger screen with a mounting system for better viewing and monitoring.

Device SCT X4 SCT Livewire TS+
Price $419 $599
Screen Size 2.75" LCD 4" Touchscreen
Touchscreen? No Yes
Auto Brightness? No Yes
Mounting System? No Yes
SCT X4 vs Livewire TS+ Differences

Again, the main difference between these PowerStroke tuners is simply the screen size and mounting system. The X4 is designed to be a handheld device, so it does not include any mounts. It has a smaller 2.75" LCD screen which does not feature auto brightness adjustments or touchscreen capability.

On the other hand, the PowerStroke SCT Livewire TS+ programmer features a 4" touchscreen that automatically adjusts brightness day and night. It features a mounting system for simple heads-up display to monitor and log key vehicle parameters.

Is the SCT X4 or Livewire TS+ Better?

In essence, the two devices function the same when it comes to tuning the PowerStroke. The Livewire TS+ is simply the better device for monitoring. As such, which device is better boils down to your budget and needs for a tuning device.

If you're simply looking to tune your PowerStroke and forget it then the cheaper SCT X4 may be the best bet. If you're looking for a better device for monitoring and data-logging then the SCT Livewire TS+ is a great pick. However, there is one additional consideration if you want the best monitor and data-logging device - the Edge Insight CTS3.

Edge Insight CTS3 vs SCT Livewire TS+

The Edge Insight CTS3 does not function as a tuner and instead acts as a monitor and data-logger only. It's widely regarded as the best monitoring device for diesel trucks. The Insight CTS3 features a 5" capacitive touchscreen with automatic brightness adjustments. It monitors all the same stuff as the Livewire TS+ and X4 including key parameters like EGT, trans temp, boost, & dozens more.

However, the Edge Insight CTS3 display is superior, offers more customization, and delivers a better user experience and interface. In our opinion, this is hands down the best monitoring and data-logging device for the Ford PowerStroke.

Meanwhile the SCT X4 is one of the best PowerStroke tuners, especially for the 6.0 and 6.4 PowerStroke. Combining the Edge Insight CTS3 monitor with the SCT X4 tuner makes for an excellent package.

Combine the SCT X4 and Edge Insight CTS3

Prices of the SCT X4 and Edge Insight CTS3 vs Livewire TS+ are below:

  • SCT X4 + Insight CTS3 - $881.95
  • SCT Livewire TS+ - $599.00

Combining the X4 with an Insight CTS3 costs about $280 more than opting for the SCT Livewire TS+ tuner. It's truly an excellent setup to combine the PowerStroke SCT X4 with the Edge Insight CTS3. However, if you're not interested in a top-tier monitor then it may be best to start with the X4 and consider adding the Insight down the road. Otherwise, the Livewire TS+ is also a great pick if you want a good tuner + monitor combo.

X4 vs Livewire TS+ FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions about the PowerStroke SCT X4 vs Livewire TS+ tuner. Note - much of this information was covered in the bulk of the article above.

Does the Livewire TS+ Have Additional Features?

The SCT Livewire TS+ tuner does NOT include any additional features over the X4 - apart from the difference in screens. Otherwise, the SCT tuners both offer the same pre-loaded tunes, features, user-adjustable options, etc.

Why Should I Upgrade to the SCT Livewire TS+?

Monitoring capability is the main reason to upgrade to the Livewire TS+ tuner. Its 4" touchscreen with automatic brightness adjustments is a big upgrade from the 2.75" LCD screen on the X4 tuner. The Livewire TS+ programmer also includes a mounting system for a simple heads-up display of vehicle parameters.

Does the Livewire TS+ Offer Better Power Gains?

No, the Ford PowerStroke SCT X4 and Livewire TS+ tuners offer the same exact pre-loaded tunes so power and torque gains are the same. From a tuning standpoint both of the SCT devices are identical.

Is the Edge Insight CTS3 a Better Monitor?

Yes, we believe the Insight CTS3 is hands down the best monitoring device for PowerStroke diesels. The Insight CTS3 is only a monitor and not a tuning device. However, you can tune your PowerStroke with the SCT X4 (or any other tuner) and use the CTS3 as a monitoring device. It's a great setup if you're looking for a top-tier monitor and data-logger.

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