The Best Diesel Monitor - Edge Insight CTS3

For many years now, the Edge Insight CTS3 has been at the top of the list for diesel truck engine monitoring devices. It is the successor to the Edge Insight CTS2, which was the standard for many years until the CTS3 came out. While the CTS3 does not provide any tuning software, it is bar none the best monitoring device on the market. Read on to find out what makes the CTS3 so special, how it differs from the CTS2, and why it is truly the best diesel monitor on the market.

Edge Insight CTS3

What does the Edge Insight CTS3 diesel monitor do?

The Edge Insight CTS3 is a handheld monitoring device for diesel engines. It gives real time updates about engine performance, and allows for the ability to both monitor and log crucial engine information. These include things like rpm, exhaust gas temperature (EGT); intake air temperature; boost pressure; calculated engine load; mass air flow sensor (MAF) readings; speed; coolant, oil, fuel, and transmission temperatures; fuel pressure; oil pressure, and diesel particulate filter (DPF) regeneration status.

With the CTS3, you can watch real time gauges with any of these parameters as you are driving, so you can verify that your engine is running in healthy and working condition. It also helps you to know when you are pushing the engine to its limits, because you can set alerts for things like high fluid (oil, fuel, coolant, etc.) temperatures or if air-to-fuel ratios become out of whack. This way, you can see when you need to take a break or slow down when hauling or pushing your truck extra hard. 

If you have performance mods on your engine, monitoring becomes even more important. After modifying, it is crucial that you keep up with your engine to make sure everything is working correctly. If you are not making peak boost or are having problems with detonation, you want to find out as soon as possible so you can solve any small issues before they become big problems. 

Edge Insight CTS3 Data Logging and DTCs

Another great feature of the Insight CTS3 is its ability to data log. That way, you can still look at your monitors and view them over a period of time without having to take your eyes off the road. In addition, you can also do performance logging to check zero to 60 mph and ¼ mile times and trap speeds. 

The Edge Insight CTS3 also allows for the viewing and clearing of diagnostic troubleshooting codes (DTC). This means you can read any DTCs that pop up on your truck without having to pay a repair shop or buy a separate DTC reader. You can also clear any DTCs with the CTS3 after you have fixed any problems.

What improvements does the CTS3 have over the CTS2?

Compared with the Edge Insight CTS2, the newer CTS3 has several upgrades. The CTS2 is only capable of monitoring 10-20 parameters (depending on the vehicle), but the CTS3 has the ability to monitor more than 100+ parameters. In addition, you also have more than three times the amount of gauge screens (15+ on the CTS3 vs 5 on the CTS2). 

The touchscreen itself is also massively upgraded. Instead of resistive touch like on the CTS2, the CTS3 instead uses capacity touch. Here is a detailed breakdown of the two, but basically, capacitive touch systems are more scratch resistant, supposed to be more responsive, are more durable, and allow for a clearer picture. Speaking of picture clarity, the CTS3 also uses a higher HD resolution screen at 720p vs 480p. The CTS2’s 480p display is not bad, but the HD 720p screen is definitely clearer. 

The biggest difference between the CTS2 and the CTS3, however, is going to be speed. The CTS3 has 1 gigabyte of internal RAM, whereas the CTS2 has just 256 kilobytes. For those unfamiliar, that is a gigantic difference in terms of processing power. It allows the CTS3 to boot up in two seconds vs 15 seconds, and also allows the CTS3 to support WiFi. Previously, you needed a Windows PC for any updates, but now you can do it completely over the air. The CTS3 is also compatible with Mac OS, whereas the CTS2 is Windows only. 

Why data monitoring your diesel engine is important

You might be asking yourself, why is it important for me to monitor my diesel engine? It is important to monitor your diesel engine to make sure that it is operating properly and not experiencing problems. You can monitor things like boost pressure, fuel pressure, and oil pressure, to make sure that they are all where they should. 

If your engine is failing to hit full boost, or say your fuel trims are very high, that could be indicative of a leak in your intake system. Likewise, if your fuel pressure is very low, that could indicate a problem with your fuel system – like your fuel injectors or fuel pump. 

A key monitor that many diesel owners observe with the CTS3 is diesel particulate filter (DPF) regeneration status. DPF regeneration is very important for diesel engines, and it is nice to be able to monitor whether it needs regeneration or not. 

Edge Insight CTS3 Benefits

  • Real-time data monitoring
  • High-speed data logging
  • Performance data logging/monitoring
  • DTC reading and clearing
  • Manual DPF Regeneration
  • Customizable gauge layout/display
  • Edge EAS Power Switch compatible
  • Edge product compatibility
  • WiFi compatibility

There are a lot of benefits to using the Edge Insight CTS3 on your diesel truck. As we’ve already mentioned, the main use of the CTS3 is for real-time data monitoring and data logging. You can also use it to track performance like zero to 60 mph and ¼ mile times and trap speeds. The CTS3 will actually provide you with exportable track tickets. This makes it much easier to keep track of your times to monitor improvements. You can also read and clear any DTCs that come up.

The gauges are also highly customizable, as are the layouts. You can choose between more than 15 different gauge layouts and combinations, and you can pick and change whichever parameters you want to monitor. If you have a diesel swap and the dashboard wiring does not work... You can pretty much replace it with a CTS3 and you’ll have any gauge you would need. 

Another key benefit of the CTS3 is the ability to manually start DPF regeneration. This is good if you have a check engine light (often due to excessive idling) for the DPF and need to get rid of it. 

Finally, the Edge Insight CTS3 is compatible with the Edge EAS Power Switch and other Edge products. You can link it with various Edge tuners and kits. Like their license plate kit with a back-up camera or a compressor or winch, and control them through the CTS3. With the EAS Power Switch, you can also use the CTS3 to control supplemental accessories like in-truck lighting. The CTS3 is also WiFi capable, making updating pretty quick and easy. 

Why is the Edge Insight CTS3 the best Diesel Monitor?

Compared with other diesel monitoring devices on the market, the Edge Insight CTS3 is by far the best. It offers the best combination of efficiency, modern technology, and speed, at a very competitive price. They are incredibly widely used within the diesel community, and they have an excellent reputation for reliability. 

Especially since the CTS3 has hit the market over the CTS2, there is really no competitor that comes close. With 1 full gigabyte of ram, a 720p HD display, the ability to monitor more than 100+ parameters, and the high-speed data logger, the CTS3 is truly the cream of the crop and the top of the line diesel monitoring device. 

Edge Insight CTS3 FAQ

What is the Edge Insight CTS3?

The Edge Insight CTS3 is a handheld device for monitoring your diesel engine. You can monitor more than 100+ parameters including: rpm, exhaust gas temperature (EGT); intake air temperature; boost pressure; calculated engine load; mass air flow sensor (MAF) readings; speed; coolant, oil, fuel, and transmission temperatures; fuel pressure; oil pressure, and diesel particulate filter (DPF) regeneration status. You can also use the CTS3 for data logging, performance data logging, and DTC reading and clearing. 

Can the Edge Insight CTS3 work as a tuning device?

The CTS3 itself is not a tuning device. However, the CTS3 can interact with some tuning devices, like the L5P Duramax Pulsar tuner. You can also still use the CTS3 to monitor parameters after your engine has been tuned. 

What diesel engines does the CTS3 work with?3

The CTS3 works for all diesel cars and trucks from 1996 and later that have an OBD II port. That means pretty much any modern diesel will be compatible with the CTS3. 

Is the CTS3 the best diesel monitor?

Subjectively, yes, we think the CTS3 is by far the best diesel monitor on the market. It offers the best combination of affordability, reliability, and features. In addition, the HD screen and WiFi are very nice benefits. 

Where can I buy the Edge Insight CTS3?

You can purchase the Edge Insight CTS3 right here from Boosted Performance. We have the Edge Insight CTS3 for the Duramax, Cummins, and PowerStroke

Which is better, the CTS2 or CTS3?

We prefer the CTS3 over the CTS2 for its many upgrades. These include a 720p HD screen, more available parameters to monitor, WiFi compatible, more gauge layout options, more processing power (1 gigabyte vs 256 kilobytes), and it is Mac OS and Windows compatible (the 

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